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Cupcake Icing

The Retreat

Come explore a new city and all of the sweets it has to offer along with us!

We LOVE to bake, We also love to travel. We aim to do both, with you!

 We (the ladies behind sweet retreat box ) will be hosting baking retreats including bakery tours, and baking classes featuring us, and other local guest bakers/pastry chefs in cities all around. 

Our goal with the retreat is to provide the opportunity to create memories and enjoy experiences, with like minded individuals who also love sweets and baking. We want to offer a space to share and gain knowledge about the baking and pastry world while exploring new trends and techniques that various cities have to offer. 

So if you also love to bake, learn, and eat come scout new cities for sweets and share this incredible experience with us!

Be on the look out for dates, and locations you would like to attend!  We can not wait for you to come explore the world of sweets with us! 

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