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How Sweet Retreat Was Born

Our business started as an idea based off our passion for baking and love for all things sweet. The idea came together after we realized being in the baking/pastry industry too often made us put our own personal self care needs to the side. Over the past few years we realized just how important our mental heath and our 'me time' moments were to our overall success and wellbeing. So we launched Sweet Retreat to encourage other bakers and sweet treat lovers out there to take a break and do what they want for a change.

Our goal with Sweet Retreat is to create a space/community that allows like minded individuals (who also love to bake and indulge in the sweeter things in life) to share experiences, create and share recipes, to have a little fun and make some sweet memories while you're at it. We aim to remind others to treat themselves because we all deserve to do the things we enjoy, no reason needed, your mind and body will thank you and that's reason enough!

Meet Us:

Hey there!


We're just a couple gals who love to bake, it's what brought us together! Our journey started a few years ago when our careers in cake decorating allowed us to cross paths. Since then our friendship developed into a partnership, as our love for baking evolved into a business.



Introducing the ladies behind Sweet Retreat: 


Crystal Shaft


Crystal started pastry school in 2007 and has been obsessed with all things baking ever since. After graduating, she gained experience working at multiple bakeries around the city and loves to create and decorate ALL of the sweets! Curating this subscription box with her long time partner in crime, Nicole, just made sense.
Crystal has a wonderful husband and two sweet kiddos that she adores!

Nicole Bean


Nicole moved to Louisville to attend pastry school in 2011 with plans of bringing pastries to her hometown in southern Missouri. Upon graduation in 2013, Louisville had so much to offer she just couldn't leave. Searching for opportunity Nicole gathered knowledge and experience from various bakers and pastry chefs around the city. After developing her skills and style she now specializes in cake decorating, however loves being creative with all things food. In her spare time you can find Nicole eating bread or taking naps with her fur baby kitty Leeloo.

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